May 18, 2022


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6 countries. Thanks to Ellis Keng, the English pack is scary again

Ellis Kenge Not determined before playing rugby: Coming from one of the most difficult environments Bristol, The 27-year-old pillar is well aware of what this game has brought him. “Rugby definitely saved me. It definitely saved me from prison. It saved my life from being wasted.” Strong words, for those who did not want to become the beam of the English scrum a few seasons ago. Very “crazy”, very immoral, lacking enough technology in the basics, “baby rhino” was later limited to being a good club player and an interesting attacker at the highest level. But among the cleaners of this game, no one saw him as the luggage to carry the team’s No. 1.England.

World Cup – Ellis Kenge, Camille chatting with England XV?

Then … then the work, the strength of perseverance, the resilience, now polished a little rough diamond. Acting Captain Leicester Since last year, Kenge has clearly crossed one (or two) levels in his game. The full reference to his condition was the Colossus with silver hands (125km 1m especially beyond that, a symbol of the Tigers’ rage against the Celts. Due to their combined strength.In addition to Zeng’s testosterone increases, their southerners pushed out defensive boards (12 Coping), Fought the ball in hand against the wall of the green. D.Still powerful, but 10 times more complete than it was 3 seasons ago, has reached a form that has matured today.

RUGBY.  6 countries.  Sebastian Negri thanked Ellis Keng for saving himRUGBY. 6 countries. Sebastian Negri thanked Ellis Keng for saving him

For his part, Edoje disrupted the opposing line-up, continued to rot the ball out, and snatched some balls into the pass, only he knew how to do it. And if the UK progresses France Foreigner status, so he has shown that he should take his bag (very) seriously. So, French: In addition to the deposed king!

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