May 22, 2024


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80 complaints were registered for theft and violence from English and Spanish supporters

80 complaints were registered for theft and violence from English and Spanish supporters

One month after the failure of the system In the Champions League final, 80 complaints from English and Spanish supporters for theft and violence were filed Tuesday by the Bobigny case. These complaints were prosecuted as “basically simple or awkward facts about theft or violence”. Thefts (especially luxury watches) Rather it happened after the gameTravel between State de France and public transport, according to a source familiar with the matter.

Complaints were collected at the embassies in France and Spain

On June 10, the trial began, with the Saint-Denis police station collecting complaints filed by supporters through a special form on the sites of French embassies in the UK for “thefts, heinous thefts and heinous violence.” And Spain.

The form is then mailed to the public prosecutor of Bobigny, on which the State de France depends. Barriers at checkpoints, insufficient surveillance, fake tickets, intrusions … The prestigious Champions League final between Real Madrid and Liverpool on May 28 turned into an evening defeat at the State de France.

Gerald Dormann admitted on RTL on Tuesday “Role of Responsibility” In the security chaos of the sporting event, “Apologies” reiterates to supporters who have been “affected by this mismanagement”. The minister, who argued that “if anything went wrong in the State of France, it was a fight against crime”, accused Liverpool supporters of arriving without tickets or with fake tickets on the evening of the final.

Since May 30, two days after the match, Bobigny’s attorney’s office has been responsible for investigating “organized gang fraud” in fake tickets opened following a statement from Paris police chief Didier Lalli. It was handed over to the Brigade of Criminal Crime Suppression (BRDA) of the Paris Judicial Police.

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