June 17, 2024


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If you pass this English quiz, you can take the Cambridge exam

If you pass this English quiz, you can take the Cambridge exam

Le Figaro Etudiant is a department of the University of Cambridge in partnership with Cambridge, which designs teaching methods and English level certificates to provide you with a series of grammar quizzes. Here is the secondary B1 and B2 quiz.

Grammar has become the new pet of French students in English. They are 55% to provide the level of English B2 in the terminal, but only 30% in grammar. Contrary to prejudice, French students are better at word of mouth!

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Cambridge supports students by giving them exams to certify their English status and by providing them with product materials. Cambridge now integrates research and expertise and offers a new approach to teaching, learning and assessment in English.

Le Figaro Etudiant has teamed up with Cambridge to help you provide you with five grammar questions that will be published once a week this summer. The questions are taken from the study guide included in the manual English grammar in use Cambridge.

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