June 22, 2024


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A cafe to speak English, German, Spanish, Italian etc…

A cafe to speak English, German, Spanish, Italian etc…

Café des Langues de Moulins celebrated its first year. A trip to practice foreign languages ​​and cultural exchanges.

This meeting is intended to keep an informal side. The way it works is simple: no sales, no lessons. Organizers are volunteers“explains Benoît Grenne, one of the two founders of the Café des Langues de Moulins. This young French engineer by training and his British partner Yolanda Shamash, who is now training as a social worker at the Red Cross, created the Café des Langues de Moulins in November 2022. For the past year, this free The event brings together people who want to practice languages ​​every Thursday from 8:30pm at the Moulins, 'Berwick's Corner' bar.

Cultural exchange

It's a good excuse to meet lots of people. That allowed us to integrate with Moulins“. Their initiative coincided with the opening of the Berwick Corner Pub: “We fell in love with this pub with its Irish atmosphere.“, smiles Benoît. Since then, Thursday evenings have been a place of cultural exchange for residents of the region who want to travel, as well as for passing visitors.

Meet and talk

Here, we practically speak English at different levels. There is also a small regular group of German speakers, Spanish speakers and Italian speakers. Other languages ​​are rare but sometimes spoken, such as Japanese and Serbian; A Hungarian premiere arrived this week.

Since September, at the initiative of volunteer organizer Adrian, language breakfasts have been held every Monday from 8:30am at the Moulins co-working space (next to Moulins Village Hall). “It is very comfortable, quiet; Best for beginners” notes Yolanda Shamash. In good weather, polyglots organize barbecues and picnics on the banks of the Allier; Convenient for families.

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Now a volunteer organizer, Julie Herry came to Moulins in 2022: “I studied in Pennsylvania in the US and Toronto in Canada. I came here to speak English and meet people.

You can find the activities of Café des Langues on Facebook: cafedeslanguesMoulins