April 20, 2024


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English world champion Steve Thompson has dementia to give his brain to science

RUGBY – Former Northampton and Prive Hooker, now 43, suffering from dementia after inducing concussion

According to Steve Thompson, this is ultimately about “making rugby safer”. The former hooker, the 2003 world champion with England and now 43, has announced that he wants to donate his brain to science. BBC Relay. Former Northampton forward and From Pry In November 2020 dementia was diagnosed as a pre-existing disease. A month later he was on a team of nearly 100 former players who announced legal action against World Rugby, the English Federation and the Welsh Federation. Rugby.

Complainants allege that these officers mistreated the concussion problem. Thompson explained that he had no memory of this successful World Cup he won alongside Johnny Wilkinson in Australia, although he played every game.

A diagnosis is made only after an autopsy

The Englishman will make his donation to the Traumatic Hereditary Program (CLP) to look for traces of chronic encephalitis (CTE), which he probably suffers from but can only be diagnosed during an autopsy. “I swear My brain So the children of the people I love do not have to face the trials that I experience, “Thompson explains, firmly (…) Read more in 20 minutes

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