April 18, 2024


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Shortage and supply problems: British Brexit tested

The wind of panic in Great Britain. Some supermarket shelves are empty, gas stations are running out of fuel … yet the government assures us that there is no shortage of fuel. But supply problems led to the closure of some gas pumps and fears of exhaustion provoked wild reactions among the British. Across the country, roads have been blocked due to queues for luggage as calls are made to stop panicking purchases.

Most of the disruptions are caused by a shortage of more than 100,000 heavy truck drivers in the UK, preventing them from moving goods across the country. The shortage of manpower in the sector has not been recent, and if the epidemic had exacerbated the problem, Brexit would not be innocent in this case because ‘many European drivers have returned to the continent after leaving the Union. To prevent the problem, the government is working on a temporary visa, which will help repatriate European drivers to the UK and can be implemented to date. In fact, this visa violates the new immigration rules introduced after Brexit to end the free movement of people, an idea that the government had vehemently opposed until then. But as early as Friday, UK retailer Boris Johnson warned the team: If the truck driver issue is not resolved within ten days, further major disruption will be inevitable as Christmas approaches.

No turkey at Christmas?

For some industries, such as poultry farming, the problem of holiday shortages is already inevitable. According to the British Poultry Council (BBC), producers had to cut back on their farms because there was no one to produce chickens by the end of this year. “There will be a 20% reduction in the supply of turkey in the UK for Christmas because big companies can no longer bring in workers from Europe,” confirms Essex producer Paul Kelly. If European workers get a special visa to come to work in June. “In August, KNF’s fast food chain had to close about 50 of its restaurants due to chicken supply problems and KFC UK had to revise its menus.