June 18, 2024


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Edmund Flat, AKA English Snail, was in Lille for his book launch

On September 8, Edmund Flat, or the English snail for close friends, stopped at Lille during the signing session for his first book, The Englishman who wanted to clean up France. We met him to talk a little bit about it: his book, his campaign against pollution, his attitude towards picking up a piece of waste a day and his obligation to consume less.

This is not the first time Eddie has gone through Lily. Last time, That was in 2017. We met Lily cleaning the streets while asking people about cigarette butts, cans and other plastic bags that bloom in public places with her accent and humor. So British. Four years later, he is back, drawing the same observation from this ubiquitous daily pollution: “This is mom too, guys“.

Tour of France to collect waste

Leaning on his dedicated table in front International Bookseller VO With his dog Dartin, Eddie presents it to passersby His book describes a hitchhiking tour of France made in 2017. A travel diary describing his 8,000-kilometer journey began in Marseille, where he describes plastic pollution and over-consumption in the country of adoption. In total, the Englishman used 150 vehicles to pass through France and put his cock and bag in 49 different places.

His nickname, he owes his life: “I was drawing my path on a map, which increased the shape of a snail shell, and a local journalist later gave me this nickname I had.“, He says.

Edmund warns us: “This is not just an awareness book about the dangers of pollution Rather Book for non-ecologists Not necessarily those who are unaware of the dangers of pollution. Without knowing it, the goal is to communicate with people who are damaging our planet. ”In a nutshell, this book combines the highlights of a three-month journey and the opening for simple gestures. The book is a real educational tool as it contains interactive links to articles and videos.

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Appointment to Lily Chapter 10 My love in Chernobyl, He describes his arrival to us. “We went to Wazems and picked up almost 300 cigarette butts on the floor Deposited in minutesSays Eddie.

The day everything changed

There is no tone of contentment in the Englishman’s speech, for his story is, above all, the story of a repentant man. For a long time, Eddie rode a BMW and flew twice a week. The man did not feel the need for environmental issues.

Clicked on the other side of La Manche in 2015.I was taking a can of Coke Light to my hometown of Leeds. I take a selfie with the description on Instagram: “I will collect at least one junk a day for the rest of my life“, He explains. It was taken immediately and thousands of internet users echoed his gesture.

Since then, Britain has not abandoned the matter by joining an association in its heartland of Marseille. 1 waste per day. The first waste collection was organized in 2016 with 350 people, with 2.2 tons of waste being collected at Bonne Moore.

Back on the road

In 2020, the English snail decided to go on the roads of France again. This time, the trip was hiking. Marseillais with wild boar (nickname) Frederick Munch, An independent photojournalist from Marseille), the snail and his new companion joined Paris on foot. In total, the two friends walked more than 800 kilometers and crossed twelve fields.

If you too want to take part in the fight against plastic pollution and protect our planet, there is a simple solution, do it like Yeti and collect one piece of garbage a day. After all, as Pokmon says, it’s not. “Incredible“.

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If you want to join a waste movement per day, do not hesitate to follow up on social networks: Web light, Facebook And Instagram. If you want to buy an English snail book, go ahead Here, In e-book format it is 4.99, otherwise go International Bookstore VO And bookstore All over the world Buy the book.