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A meal in English with the Millau/Bridlington duo

A meal in English with the Millau/Bridlington duo

On Thursday 16 March, 1RES students organized a meal for Saint-Patrick’s Day and then the Millau / Bridlington Twinning Committee held a service in English A to Z during the meal.

As part of their masterpiece the students of class 1RES celebrated St-Patrick’s Day on Thursday 16th March at the Atalante Utility Restaurant.

In fact, a meal was organized in English with members of the Millau / Bridlington duo team. This enabled the dining room and kitchen to be served entirely in English. The teachers involved in this project are Mr. Solinhac and Mrs. This was an opportunity for Ovallet to work around the Irish holiday of St. Patrick.

The student staff prepared the event from A to Z with the help of Ms Bonnet: decorating the room in the colors of Ireland, a slide show and background music evocative of Celtic culture, menus written in English.

For their part, student chefs Mr. I was able to think of a coleslaw salad on the theme with rivemel, a traditional Irish stew (Irish stew) as a main course and vanilla for dessert. Ice cream and its Irish whiskey liqueur… of course!

© Jean Vigo High School

Musical entertainment was provided by Eric Moulin, the establishment’s former English teacher, who came to sing for the program with his guitar. This type of event makes it possible to confirm the place of modern languages ​​in the hotel and catering industries and the practical training allowed the students to practice English in a real situation.

© Jean Vigo High School

From starters to dessert, the students greeted the restaurant’s customers and served them dishes in English. The guests enjoyed these exchanges and the students realized the importance of languages ​​in their professional field.

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Mrs. Ovallet and Mr. Solinhac
Outstanding faculty at 1RES