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How to enable Google English Translator mode?

How to enable Google English Translator mode?

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English is one of the most spoken languages ​​in the world. So, how to talk about it is very important. While waiting to take learning courses, you can use Google Assistant to express yourself.

It is a tool capable of translating your various conversations into English. When such artificial intelligence is available on one of your digital devices, it must first be activated before it can serve you.

Here’s how to enable Google English Translator mode.

Ok google be my english translator

Google Assistant translator mode is created Translate into dozens of languages. The number of translation languages ​​varies from device to device.

Saying the phrase “Ok google be my interpreter in English” means you need the tool Do yours English translations.

Also, you should note that this sequence of words is what you need to use to actually activate Google Assistant’s Translate mode.

Interpreter mode in question Supported by all devices Like Google Assistant. It can be smartphone, speaker, smart watch or speaker.

you don’t have No need to download this feature Before you use. It is already integrated into the device.

Additionally, you should remember that Google’s translator mode Usually used orally. You can also start it manually. In this case, you have to choose the translation language on the screen and type the words to be interpreted.

What is the difference between a translator and a translator?

A significant difference between translator and interpreter is in the nature or The shape of the element to be worked on. In fact, an interpreter intervenes only at the level of oral support Texts requested.

The difference between these two types of workers can also be seen in terms of the time taken to complete their tasks. The interpreter works immediately More time is required To satisfy its customers.

Other items:

If you have a compatible smartphone, the first step is to activate translator mode Open the Google Assistant app. You can do this by touching the corresponding icon or by saying Hey Google. Pressing can achieve the same goal Voice button Located in the search bar after opening the Google app.

As for the second step, it says “Hey Google, be my translator.” Language monitoring In which you intend to translate. This is English. This is the language in which the tool will perform its translations by default.

First you need to unlock Chrome app on your device. In the second step, you need to open the page of the language you do not know.

Then go to the app’s settings and select “Always translate pages” followed by your preferred language. Your translations should be done. Following this, every time you go to consult a page online it is in a foreign language, the content Translated instantly in the language you define.

To translate live conversation, you must say Hey Google Open the Google Assistant app. Next, start the interpreter mode by saying a command like “Turn in Interpreter mode”.

After that you should Choose languages It will have dialogue and be translated. Once it’s done, you’ll hear a tone.

This is Time for you to speak up In one or other languages ​​of your choice. The tool will now take care of translating the conversation.

Depending on the type of device you have, artificial intelligence can do both You hear and see Translation. Remember that you don’t have to switch between languages ​​for the tool to evolve based on its functionality.

Other items:

Enable instant translation At the system level, you need to open Chrome and press More located at the top right corner of the screen. Then you have to press On that day systems Do the same for the Languages ​​input.

Following this, you need to activate the Use Google Translate option found in the Google Translate section. With a smartphone, everything is even done In the Chrome app.

Once inside this interface, press Settings after doing so on the More note located to the right of the address bar. Following this, you should Keep clicking Languages, advanced settings and translate into this language.

Simply select a language from the list provided.

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