July 23, 2024


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Football: On Sunday, the British have a meeting with history

Football: On Sunday, the British have a meeting with history

The English can win the match for the first time on Sunday 11 July.

England in “his” Euro final against Italy! The English, who had lost a trophy for half a century, expelled the brave Dance (2-1 after extra time) In a semi-final in London on Wednesday, July 7, before facing the Italians on Sunday, in an attempt to capture their Wembley ground and write a new page in their history.

Fifty-five years after England’s victory at the 1966 World Cup, the “Three Lions” will finally play the final of a major tournament back at Wembley after years of famine and disappointment.

“I’m so proud of the players, it’s been a wonderful night and the supporters have been amazing all night.” England manager Gareth Southgate welcomed. Italy “Has been the highest level team for two years now. […] It’s a team that plays with a lot of energy and style, and it’s hard to score against them. “ He noted.

“England writes history”, Title The Times, When the newspaper The sun What triggers “Probably the best feeling in the world” And le Daily Star “The biggest dream of all time”.

In a very intense match, Captain Harry Kane (104th) freed the Englishman of a questionable penalty which was converted into two phases, he was pushed into extra time after a superb free kick by Michael Tomscart (30th) and a draw against his Danish captain Simon Gajerin Camp (39th).

Finish in style

This first qualifier for the Euro finals is organized in eleven cities of eleven countries and rewards almost perfect curriculum, which is practically played at home, with the exception of a quarter-final in Rome against Ukraine (4-0).

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It is now set to finish in style against Italy on Sunday (9pm), with Assuri (0-0 ap, 4-2 tab) winning the penalty for revenge in the Euro-2012 quarter-finals.

This spell can be raised to Englishmen who have qualified for the World Cup (1990 and 2018), the Euros (1968 and 1996) or the League of Nations (1966 they have always failed in the semi-finals. 2019).

According to the Italian Federation, 1,000 supporters from Italy will be able to attend the final on Sunday.

Denmark, dear public

The little thumb in the enchanting game did not come home with the Danish trophy, but sowed the seeds for the future and provoked a great deal of sympathy from Copenhagen to Wembley, where the beautiful history of the Euro was taken. Closed with a controversial sentence.

Defeated in the final whistle on Wednesday evening, the defeated semifinalists were dressed in red from their supporters, praising each other for several minutes, before finally leaving the lawn, under the cheers of the English public. On social media, compliments were showered on Caspar Schmidt’s partners.