July 14, 2024


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UK: For 12 months, an Englishman has been engaged in very specialized training to neutralize dupont

UK: For 12 months, an Englishman has been engaged in very specialized training to neutralize dupont

Fifteen in the Japping World Autumn Tour: The Dream XV of the Editorial Board

Fabien Galthié’s team can be proud of being ranked as the best player in the world, namely Antoine Dupont. With a genuine passion for defenses, Toulouse can do anything on the n ° 9 field and play a match himself. Eddie Jones and his staff understand this well and have been doing it for a long time.

So, to counter the attacks of Antoine DuPont and respond to his physical activities on the lawn, Eddie Jones has set up specific training for his two scrum halves, Ben Youngs and Harry Randall.

Youngs, the highest-capped player in the history of XV de la Rose (116 picks), explained in an interview with The Telegraph that Toulouse worked very hard to get back on track and keep up his pace. Accuracy in their various missions.

He explains: “If you go back 12 months, the way the game was played, the emphasis was on defensive strategy. The more often you play the ball the better, as you may be penalized if you try to play too much.

But then the sea changed. Teams including ours are now in the mood for ‘Attack First’. And the role of the scrum half has completely changed.

Henceforth, you should be better at repeating short shots at a higher speed than endurance. Ben Youngs returns to a key point of winning international competitions:

“The game is very tense and you can play in short, bangs. And when you get there, you have to bring real speed and energy and move the ball at the right tempo because you know you’ve going to get more recovery time.

According to the latest results from The Telegraph, Youngs has significantly improved his physical abilities, even at the age of 32. In fact, Englishmen today travel at an average speed of 9.8 meters per second traveling at 140 meters per minute.

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Since his first test with the XV de la Rose 12 years ago, he has almost doubled his average distance, which was 80 meters per minute at the time.


Ben Youngs and Harry Randall did specific training to counter the attacks of Antoine DuPont. We will now have to wait until Crunch to see if these intense sessions will pay off.
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