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Laporte’s harsh response to the British

Laporte’s harsh response to the British

Paul Rouget, Media365: Released Saturday, March 19, 2022 at 11:35 am.

When Eddie Jones thought he knew how to beat France’s XV in Saint-Denis on Saturday evening at the end of a 6-nation tournament, Bernard LaBorde reacted harshly to the England coach.

The crisis started well! Just hours before the clash between France and England, Saturday evening (9pm) in Saint-Denis, it will allow the Blues Won the 6-nation tournament for the first time since 2010Bernard Laporte responded XV de la Rose coach Eddie Jones’ exit thinks he knows how to beat France.. “I know Eddie Jones mentally. He comes out with breaking phrases in every game. Two years ago, they said they were going to put the French in the dent remover and they said they were going to get rid of them. They lost the match, but they are coming to prevent France from winning. He wants people to talk about him. We know him by heart and have great respect for him. It makes you laugh. Fabian’s response is good. We are not in the mood to say such things, “said FFR boss RMC.

Labord: “It’s buzzing”

Because Fabian Calti does not want to succumb to provocation, Jones’ departure is believed to have “contributed to (their) preparations, but the meeting will be at 9:00 pm on Saturday. The coaches will not be playing,” the tricolor coach explained at a news conference. To Laporte, again, “It’s all buzzing. The players know English, the game is not easy. At that time, we only met the English during international matches. Today, it’s over. The players always meet. In clubs. It makes you laugh, but we don’t use it in a locker room, it’s over. If he does, it will be weak on his part. Eddie Jones thinks he’s going to disrupt them, he did it two years ago when the group was young, but today he’s not disrupting anything. “Reply Saturday night …

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