May 20, 2024


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VI Nations U20 – France beat England but finish 2nd (26-22)

VI Nations U20 – France beat England but finish 2nd (26-22)

The France U20 team faced the English in Perpignan this Sunday evening but finished the match behind St. Ireland early in the evening.

An English time but a victory for the French. France beat England 26-22 in the 5th and final day of the VI Nations U20 tournament on behalf of.

In front of about 8000 spectators of Aimé Giral, the British and the French fought fiercely. The fight turned out to be in favor of Blueberry.

They took the lead in the 3rd minute when Elliott Yemsi scored. The blues will never leave the head again. Both teams returned to the locker room 10-3 in favor of the French players.

The second half was so fantastic, the rain and wind allowed the cast to express themselves. Before Lucas Brook could give hope to the young Englishmen, an attempt by Enzo Rapier gave the French players some air.

Les Bleuets resisted, regained possession and scored from the sidelines, signaling the end of the game. France finished second behind Ireland in the Six Nations, winning earlier in the evening from Scotland (59-5).

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