May 21, 2022


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England: When a famous English actor greets the Blues for a Grand Slam match

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Hugh Larry, an English actor born in Blackford Lease, Oxfordshire, was in front of his television this Saturday evening in the State of France to watch the crunch between France’s XV and XV of Rose. When he pushed the English choice hard, he insisted that he should bow to the performance of the Blues and the Grand Slam won by the troops of Fabian Calti. On his Twitter account, who described Dr. House for several seasons, Eddie Jones greeted the Frenchmen while evaluating the players’ performance.

“Come on Les Blues … the best game to date against England. Congratulations!” In conjunction. Class.

Hugh congratulates Larry Blues

The well-known English actor on the small screen, while highlighting the performance of XV de la Rose, congratulated the Blues for the Grand Slam match. Hugh Larry was Dr. House’s famous translator for many seasons.

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