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Cedar, an authentic English cheese invented

Cedar, an authentic English cheese invented



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M. September, O. Bryant, L. Coutre Malice September, Olivia Bryant – France 2

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With a series of cheeses coming from elsewhere, the 1 hour news is intriguing, Thursday, March 17th at Cedar. This cheese, produced in the city of the same name, follows a real, century-old recipe.

In Cedar (England), cheese rests in natural underground caves. Made from 12Th Century, the milk cheese of this cow matures in 12 months. “First it’s soft, then you’ve felt the whole body taste of cedar, it’s a very complex taste.”John Spencer, director of the Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company, explains.

First, after forgetting to milk a jug of milk in a cave, Cedar may have been accidentally discovered. Since then, the recipe has been simple: milk, strain and yeast. Milk is available by hand for 4 hours. “Now the system looks like cooked chicken”, William Reese, cheese maker at Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company. Cedar is the most widely consumed cheese in the world. Is not subject to the protected title of origin, it can be produced everywhere and discarded indefinitely.

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