May 16, 2022


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Landivicia – Visual Arts and English Combining at Lycee de Lyon in Landivicia

Since returning from winter vacation, students of the second and first English European section of Lycée du Lén have been able to hone their artistic skills by enriching their English vocabulary during plastic art workshops presented by painter Irish-Breton. , Teacher of the Arts Society.

A living tree with a biodiversity theme

Nicole Ryan’s work, entitled “The Morigan”, was inspired by the prehistoric works found on the logs of the tree Lokmariguer and the Gaurinis. The artist-painter gave the students his valuable advice in the language of Shakespeare so that they could create a living tree on the theme of biodiversity in relation to the Celtic pioneer prophet “Morigan”, which comes from Irish mythology. Initially, high school students ink created original drawings of real or imaginary plants or animals.

Later, they colored them using watercolor pencils, the technique of which is very easy to use. The works then created a monumental mural by pasting it onto a 2.50 meter wooden tree, which was spectacularly vibrant and hung on the school’s picture rail.

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