February 23, 2024


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New International Study at ISCOM 100% in English!

New International Study at ISCOM 100% in English!

A regional uniqueness in the field of communication

Created in 2015, International ClassISCOM Lill includes 30% of the courses taught in English during the first two years of the Grande Ecole program. This year, the high communication and advertising company is opening 100% class in English, That can be integrated from the 3rd year course. This first promotion will be graduated in 2024 at the end of a 5 year course. The beginning of this class is 100% in English Responds to students’ request to be openInternational And prepare for multicultural levels.

The program trains students to work on 360 communication themes, all through courses guided by English-speaking professional speakers. There are news volumes, during which students share information with their speaker from around the world. The media around the world and their credibility are being tested to identify their credibility and verify the authenticity of the information published there.

Students can also find courses CommunicationCreation and
MarketingEspecially through the development of consumer habits, discourse and storytelling. Courses dedicated to development Soft skills It allows students to learn to manage their stress, to be flexible, to organize themselves and to improve their emotional intelligence.

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The position of this international class is particularly demanding And the student who wants to integrate the subject must make a justification B2 level minimum in English.

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Integrate the multicultural dimension into the courses

The international program offers students the opportunity to significantly improve their English proficiency, especially after a decline – between 2 and 3 years – for many students who are unable to practice the language due to health conditions.
In parallel with linguistic progress, The English course immerses students International dimension by all modules. Thus students are well versed in different cultures, their history and the media of a region so that tomorrow, Propose strategies that are consistent and consistent with a country’s message. This openness of students to the world teaches them Fundamentals of multiculturalism.

Upon graduation, students can pursue an international dimension and seek all levels of communication: the integration of an organization abroad or the development of a French structure abroad. Corporate Communications, International Communications, Director of International Marketing Up to cInternal communicationThere are many possibilities.

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