July 14, 2024


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Music mixed and a strong comeback of English

Music mixed and a strong comeback of English

Ceremony – They convinced us to travel: Shame back to France, explosion, Friday evening. Opportunity to find some passing groups.

We were happy to see the festivals resume. At decibels, we were happy. Live music, human warmth, shared excitement. But something is missing. English groups are missing. Covit’s achievement of not having many specific projects in these groups across the rock, rage, class, sound, energy, channel. Brexit obligations. So when we saw the shame play at the explosion ceremony at the end of September, we got the chance.

Because being an English team above talent, Shame is one of our favorite groupsச .ஸ், Among those we like from the first meeting, And whom we always monitor. But such a concert must be earned. And it took a few more concerts to get to shame this Friday.

Hybrid music and dance atmosphere for this eruption

We play on the e-deed with no time to listen, because our lungs do not tolerate bass vibrations because it goes directly to the super park. The “Auvergne trance” awarded to them deserved to sharpen our curiosity. Truth be told, this qualification was well discovered by the devil. A banjo, a pack tube, electro. The Wtf Association was excellent, which rekindled the public’s desire for dance. Unexpected moment during a festival.