June 19, 2024


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Why does Alfie speak English in the French version, but not Emily?

Emily Cooper is back for new adventures in the second seasonEmily in Paris. In these next chapters, subscribers meet Alfie, a beautiful alien. But some people wonder why that young man speaks English in the French version, but not Lily Collins …

On December 22, new episodes of the series Emily in Paris Got on (finally) Netflix. With Lily Collins played the lead role, She plays Emily Cooper, a newcomer to Paris from the United States. Her love life is complicated by the fact that she helps a struggling marketing company. Her boyfriend, who was staying in the US, broke up with her and she fell in love with the triangle. But that could all change when the second season meets Alfie (Lucian LaViscound), An Englishman who came to live in Paris. The French version of this series, which impresses the English-speaking Alfie, not Emily Cooper, is often criticized for its lack of realism. Descriptions.

Wrong with the character?

Although there is no clear explanation as to why Alfie speaks English in the French version, one wonders if this is related to his character. It should be remembered that the attractive foreigner born in London does not like the city of Paris and does not want to soak up the French culture. The first season sparked a wave of criticism around the cast. Even in the absence of Emily, French actors were criticized for not speaking their mother tongue. Concerned about the criticism, Darren Starr corrected it. “This season we spend more time with our French characters, and when they are not with Emily, they speak French. I like American viewers watching foreign series with subtitles, it doesn’t bother me. In fact, they like the authenticity with which they see the characters speak their language, just as they speak intuitively.”, Shared the creator of the seriesEntertainment Weekly Magazine.

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Deep lack of reality

Apart from these criticisms, the series is often left alone due to its lack of realism. Recently, a government minister spoke about this on his Twitter account. As she surrenders Vacation in the south of France, More precisely in Saint-Tropez, Emily Cooper goes on a night train, which looks luxurious on screen. But, the reality is different, According to Joel Quirat, Secretary of State for Rural Responsibility. “It can be an exaggeration to go to Emily Saint-Tropez by night train… But on the night train, you can still travel in fully refurbished cars from the center of the Alps!The politician joked. In addition, some have pointed out that there are no night trains to connect Saint-Trope with the French capital.

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