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Video – Kate Middleton surprises Englishmen by playing piano on TV for Christmas

Hidden Talent – The host of a major Christmas concert recorded in Westminster Abbey and aired on Friday 24 December on New Year’s Eve, one of the Duchess of Cambridge musicians.

She sat behind the piano. Without warning anyone. Kate Middleton made a surprise appearance with singer Tom Walker during a grand Christmas concert hosted by the Duchess of Cambridge on Christmas Eve.

Dressed in a very chic red coat, Prince William’s wife followed the song “For those who can’t be here” (“For those who can’t be here”, note.) Without the wrong notes. The description of the Royal Twins, which has been viewed more than 2 million times on YouTube, is a very moving pop ballad.

Recorded in Westminster Abbey in early December, the special “Royal Carols: Together at Christmas” aired on ITV on Friday, December 24th. “We want to thank all these wonderful people who have supported their communities.”, The Duchess of Cambridge explains on her social networks, and emphasizes her desire to congratulate all those affected by the health crisis for two years. “Through this section I can imagine how much we needed each other and how we understood that acts of kindness and love give us comfort and relief.”, She insists. What better tool than music to connect people?

Slipping behind the piano with so many musicians you have never read and recording it live in front of the cameras is not easy. But she was absolutely reassured– Tom Walker Sir Kate Middleton

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For an hour, Kate and William’s guests attended strong poetry readings and performances by singers Leona Lewis and Ellie Golding. But it’s the musical appearance of the host of the Cambridge Duchess, the evening show, which will be remembered. “It’s a unique experience (…). Slipping behind the piano with so many musicians you’ve never read and recording it directly in front of the cameras is not easy, but she’s sure.”, Commented Tom Walker ITV.

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The British singer, who is best known for the hit song “Leave a Light On”, says he was already selected by the Duchess to play during a charity event. Eager to propose a song never heard before for this Christmas concert, he sent his song to the cate teams. Without doubting their answer. “They said to me, ‘Would it be okay if the Duchess played with you?’, He recalled. Very few are known. Both said again “Nine times” Very secretive. The artist’s mother even discovered the truth by watching TV on Friday. “She cried, she cried … it was beautiful”, He points out BBC. The most unexpected Christmas gift, will be remembered by walkers.

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