July 14, 2024


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Saint-Jean-Baptiste School receives English pronunciation

Saint-Jean-Baptiste School receives English pronunciation

After several exchanges between the English teacher Junior School Nicole Cambon, head of the CE2-CM1 class at Saint-Jean-Baptist School in Trifield, United Kingdom, was successful in correspondence between young Englishmen and young Saint-Affricans. “Time for the first presentation, Explains Nicole Compone. Each of our little Saint-Africans wrote a letter in English, reusing the formulas they had already learned to introduce themselves: first name, age, place of life, description. Everyone learned to name their feelings and the activities they practice. This first correspondence made it possible for a type of writing to work on the letter as well. To complete this first ship, an art activity allowed each student to express himself. The Avronians thus presented their favorite occupations.

In return, the reception of the precious Miss from all over the channel was eagerly anticipated. The children got to know their British orator. “ Sometimes, because we do not know certain names, it is difficult to know whether it is female or male., Nicole Kampan laughs. Later, traditional duties, little French people also created the most beautiful customized greeting cards.

The school year will end with these cultural and linguistic exchanges. Another way to teach foreign languages ​​and make young students want to learn Shakespeare’s language.

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