July 14, 2024


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Why the English are jealous of our Citroen SM

Why the English are jealous of our Citroen SM

For some, the Citroen SM is the pinnacle of French elegance and style. Despite its design flaws, it was envied by the English.

Launched in 1970, the Citroன்n SM DS took the popular technology concept to the pinnacle. It retains the hydropneumatic suspension of the latter, but with a more sophisticated tuning than ever before and a degree of refinement that allows it to deal with the most valued GTs on the market. The first vehicle in history to have variable power steering and four hydraulically controlled disc brakes, it had a Cx record and considerable comfort.

But this large coupe, powered by a 170-horsepower Maserati V6 (later 180), sold as poorly as modern French high-end sedans: selling only 12,920 units until the end of its career in 1975, when Citroனைn was acquired by Peugeot and resold by Maserati. To de Tomaso. It was particularly criticized for its risky reliability due to its sheer complexity and high selling price.

True French luxury

Today, however, everyone picks up some of the copies that are usually offered for sale in the collection market. In the last episode of The Grand Tour where he mocks French cars, Jeremy Clarkson pays a vibrant tribute to SM, whom he refers to as “the best French car of all time”. There is a real community of collectors in the United States, the car selling market well in its early years. So, is the SM better than the French luxury and Savior-Fair other cars in our country?