July 22, 2024


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Dance defeated by the British comforts themselves with the record for the tallest sand castle in the world

Dance defeated by the British comforts themselves with the record for the tallest sand castle in the world

At twenty meters and nearly 5,000 tons, the construction is a representation of the power of the corona virus, which “tells us what to do and prevents us from being with our family and friends.”

Scented art work during the holidays. On Wednesday, the record for the world’s tallest sand castle was broken in a city in the northwestern tip of Denmark. The building is 21.16 meters high and 5000 tons, hand-carved with great decoration. It surpasses the previous world record for Guinness World Records by more than three meters, a fort built in 2019. Germany, 17.66 meters high.

Located at the coastal resort of Bulogos at the northern tip of Jutland, the palace was built in a pyramidal shape to prevent collapse, a method commonly used by experts in these dilapidated structures. Its great creator, the Dutch Wilfried Steiger, helped thirty of the world’s best sand sculptors, wanting to mark the power of the world’s corona virus since the epidemic began. Virus “Rule our world and tell us what to do, prevent us from being with family and friends and staying at home, Wilfried Stijer announced the presentation of his works. “We started with the corona at the top and put a crown on it because it means corona, so it’s beautiful, it has a double meaning. But it is also a sign that the virus is ruling our lives“, He explained.

A great deal of detail has been brought to this giant sand sculpture Glass Jorn Larson / Ritzow Sconpix / AFP

In total, 4,860 tons of Danish sand was used to build the fort. The building may have been constructed of a wooden structure hidden within a sand castle. To make this more resinous, the sand contains about 10% clay. When the work was done a layer of glue was applied so that on this windy beach, the building would stand for most of the winter. The corona virus bacterium figures at the top of the castle, crushing the people crawling down and doing everything possible to defeat it, according to the artist’s descriptions.

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Windsurfing, kitesurfing, beach house, fish and lighthouse … According to its designers the fort should be kept in place until a strong frost disappears in February or March. Sand construction has become a tradition in the bologna, and the sculptures usually last until January, when winter begins.