April 20, 2024


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A mob has been arrested in Dordogne for plotting violence against the British

The first home robbery goes back Sunday, March 7th Lastly according to the public prosecutor of Periguix. At around 4am, thieves come to this house in Javarlhawk-la-Chapel-Saint-Robert in Dortogne.

The victim was wounded in the shooting

The owner, a 63-year-old British national, is there. He tried to intervene, but the thieves shot him. The owner is shot in the abdomen by a gun. The mob especially leaves the car.A high-end vehicle, a sports car“It simply came to our notice then. According to our information, this is an Aston Martin. According to France Blue, The car was found a few days later in an accident on the outskirts of Angolam in Sorrento.

Second robbery in Chapel-Montmore

At the end of March, between the nights of March 30 and 31, a second robbery took place in Chapel-Montmore, about twenty miles from Jaberhawk-et-la-Chapel-Saint-Robert. Again, the owners of the house are British. Their car, again, was taken away by thieves in a high-end vehicle.

700 bottles of wine were taken away

The robbers also looted the basement of the apartments. They left with 700 bottles of wine. The investigation, handed over to the Perigu அரசுs Public Prosecutor’s Office with the support of the Bordeaux Research Division and the Nontron Research Force, helps identify a gang already known to the courts for a number of crimes. about this “Experienced offenders“According to the case.

One hundred genders were mobilized

The arrests take place on Tuesday, April 27th In Dordogne and Charente Some of them from GIGN from the tour with about a hundred genders. Eight people were arrested, men of all ages 18 to 42 years old. Six people have been charged. “Armed and disguised gang robbery, attempted murder by organized mob“During the raids, loot items and a hunting rifle were found.

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Of the six arrested, three are in custody and the other three are in judicial custody before the trial.