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In Eu, Providence School switches to English time

In Eu, Providence School switches to English time

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Simon says The English version of Jacqueline said…

It was in Shakespeare’s language that the CM2 class practiced their vocabulary through this game.

For two years, La Providence-Nazareth School in Eu Seine-MaritimeSet up a class Bilingual French-English, Oxford class.

The teacher, Michel Deguerville, offers some lessons in English such as sports, geometry, mental math.

For lessons taught in French, he goes out of his way to provide translations of key words at the end of the lesson.

English arises like this all the time. The room is decorated in British colors, a place dedicated to English culture, the “British corner”. “The goal is to really develop verbal skills and put them to use in everyday vocabulary,” says the teacher.

Students seem to like it. “We love English”, they say. According to the teacher, they gain more and more confidence as the weeks go by. English pronunciation also works with the song.

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The school encourages foreign languages

Anne-Sophie Bruneau, head of the establishment, indicates that learning foreign languages ​​is at the heart of the school’s program. “All classes from Kindergarten to CM2 benefit from Spanish lessons taught by Spanish-speaking parents. English is taught as per syllabus in all classes.

This year, all students from CP to CM2 practice English in everyday situations. “Teacher, in groups of 7 to 8 students, simulates buying fruits and vegetables, bread, participating in sports…”

During the school’s open days on Saturday 2 December, you can find the Oxford class at Eu at 62, rue de la République from 10am to 1pm.

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