February 24, 2024


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English circle side everything is ok

English circle side everything is ok

During the General Assembly of the English Circle, President Josiah Glaze first thanked the volunteers who led the discussion sessions in English. Namely, Martin Carter, Dominique Delcourt, Mary Quiomach and Eric Pollard.

He expressed his gratitude to the municipal committee and the newspaper for “the loan of the rooms and the annual operating grant.” the mountain “Who reports on our activities”.

A year full of excursions

During the past year, the English Circle had thirty members in three time slots, Tuesday and Thursday, one of which was set aside for discussion.

In that year, thanks to Yves Petit, thanks to Patrick Sénégas at the Lé-paud aerodrome, they were able to discover the world of fencing and glider flying. This was an opportunity to enrich their English vocabulary.

At the end of May, during a day excursion, they visited a biogas farm in Budelier (Cruz), followed by a meal at Damier in Fontanières. In the early afternoon, they discovered a saffron garden and, for the more daring, took a short walk through the Wuis Valleys.

The financial report presented by Treasurer Nicole Loquet was balanced and voted unanimously.

Finally something new was announced during the meeting, because since the beginning of the October school year, every Tuesday from 6:30 pm to 8 pm, Eric Pollard, a Franco-American, has hosted a new time slot for discussion.

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