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Morieux: This English teacher’s tutorials have garnered millions of views on YouTube

Morieux: This English teacher’s tutorials have garnered millions of views on YouTube

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“I got out of hell”, “I understood better in 15 minutes than ten years of lessonsEnglish” , ” thank you very much “,…

You can read these happy comments under the channel’s videos Network light Huito’s Exercises.

Stéven Huitorel, in Morieux (Cotes-d’Armor), launched in 2014. He publishes content related to English language learning.

Hearing alertness

Originally from Carhaix (Finistère), this Breton farmer’s son was immersed in the world. Language And music from a very young age.

“These two factors allowed me to learn how to listen and remember. I spent a lot of time with an English family from Brixton, near Plymouth, a town connected to Poullaouen,” he recalls.

In college, he chose musicianship Breton and the winner of the inter-regional competition. He won a travel A week in Wales. After completing his bachelor’s degree, he set out to studyUniversity From Belfast. And then, he was brilliantly successful Competition As an English teacher.

her profession Started at Yves-Coppens College in Lanyon in 2006. Since 2008, he has taught at Bruns.

Videos: Currently on Actu
Stéven Huitorel built his recording studio with his own hands. ©Steven COUZIGOU

The potential of YouTube

At the beginning of the last decade, the social network Network light Gains thickness and increases its already strong popularity.

Entertaining and informative content, in form Exercises, flower. It was the beginning of a generation of YouTubers like Mr V, Norman Videos and Cyprian.

Stéven Huitorel continues his career as a teacher. In his classroom, he observes students who excel in their discipline, or even inside Abandonment.

One day my computer crashed. I looked up on YouTube how to fix it. A video of a 16-year-old boy managed to piece one together. This is where I realized the educational potential of this network.

Stéven Huitorel, English teacher

In 2014, she launched her channel, Les Tudos de Huito. A kind of “educational crutch” that is accessible to all and adapted to the times.

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First, the artist shot his videos at his home on Wednesday mornings. In the absence of his wife and two children. He adds Decoration An empty classroom in the background.

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“I made three first chapters before announcing it to my students. The news amused them. »

Needless to say, they weren’t entirely surprised. Inaugurated by their teacher An art movement on YouTube Just covered them before.

A studio in the garden

Initially, he noticed that if his students were to use this channel, his first 30 subscribers would be related to him. I do not know.

Among the topics covered are the tricky pronunciation of “h” or “th”, the auxiliary “be”, “greetings” (different ways of greeting), conjugation, etc. In his videos, which span tens of minutes, the teacher alternates between role-playing, somewhat “technical” explanations, and exploring vocabulary.

Everything is precise but conducted in a light tone, Humorous. His seal.

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Little by little the community is growing. Profiles “aged 7 to 77” show interest in this content.

Self taught, Stéven Huitorel adopts “YouTube Codes” and strengthens its resources. First, he completely improvised. Then, move on to writing a script to find an “example that goes well”.

After all, he envisions a more “personal” space, “optimized for quick work.” Between 2021 and 2022, he will work on building a wooden frame studio in his garden. Meanwhile, she uses neutral backgrounds in her videos.

“I was able to keep the secret until the end,” breathes Breton.

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Also the book

Today, Les Tutos de Huito is almost followed 500000 Subscribers and have accumulated millions of views.

Its creator, “street-recognized”, became professional over time. However, he considers it a second act and prioritizes him Students and his students (he is also an intern at the Inspé de Saint-Brieuc).

I spend time on weekends, evenings, and half days for an hour or two. That means 10 hours of work for a 10 minute video.

He tries to post a video every two weeks. Always its drawing Imagination Either in his actual classrooms or with the help of his subscribers.

After experiencing three intense years including writing Thread Bilingual soon! (first editions), Stéven Huitorel intends to carry out his project.

“I’m sure we can save time. With that in mind, YouTube is an interesting tool Fill Because it allows you to get straight to the point. But learning a language is a long-term process,” he concludes.

Youtube Channel: Huito’s Exercises
His book will soon be bilingual! It costs 14.95 euros.

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