February 25, 2024


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A program in school around English

A program in school around English

Patricia Alet, an English speaker, has been teaching English to students from Major Division to CM2 for many years. It highlights various academic programs that motivate students. This year again a new program has developed for CM1 and CM2, as students from the Crépounac private school in Tournemire participate in English sessions with them on Friday mornings. This system was liked and thought within the faculty to bring openness to others and exchange between schools for principals. In addition, Patricia Allett offers a cultural awareness program for these CM2 students. The previous year they had a young Indian, Falguni Rathod, as a highlight through Patricia, after a correspondence from CM2 and a school Indian. Videos were also created for everyone to present themselves verbally.

For this new academic year, students are excited about the unprecedented correspondence with the US. All these years of learning English from Kindergarten are meaningful and this exchange is greatly appreciated by all.

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