February 25, 2024


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College facing teacher shortage

College facing teacher shortage

This Saturday, December 2, in Haute-Savoie, parents of students at the Henri Corbet College in Saint-Jean-d’Aulps are mobilizing to confront the shortage of teachers at the institution. Concerned, they alerted the rectorate who said they “could not find people to teach”, but promised that “the situation should be improved”.

My sixth grade daughter hasn’t had a French teacher since the school year started.“Frédérique, met in front of the gate of the Henri Corbet College in Saint-Jean-d’Aulps in Haute-Savoie, regrets. On maternity leave or sick leave, at least six teachers will be absent from this institution from December. Parents’ anger.

The parents we met were worried about the weeks ahead. Like Frederic, Virginie needs to organize herself. “From next week, my daughter will have no French, Maths, English, History and Technology lessonsLeela’s mother explains.My daughter is disabled“Haute-Savoyard with confidence,”And we can’t leave her home alone“.”On possible days with no classes, we would have to take days to stay home with her without leaving her for hours at a time.” She continues helplessly.

Couldn’t find people to teach, be it tenured or contract workers.“Frédéric Bablon, director of education at Haute-Savoie, explains”Isolation and the housing problem that is so strong in Haute-Savoie“.

Attracting teachers to more isolated areas is difficult.

Frédéric Bablon, director of education for Haute-Savoie

For his part, the mayor of Saint-Jean-d’Aulps said:Willing to help with all its might to find teachers“.”Staying in our valleys is very expensive“The councilor continued stating that the municipality could provide more housing units.”Available to teachers“.

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The situation will improve significantly next week” Thanks “Leads to extremes“Commits to the Academic Director of the inviting department”Put into perspective” : “Most of the professors working in this college are teaching. Sometimes teacher absences can always be unpredictable and we try to compensate for this.Frédéric Bablon concludes.

Article written with Vincent Le Goff.