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Adeba will rap in English because “French people have bad tastes”

Released August 23, 2021 at 5:55 p.m.

By Puscop

அடேயபா Announced: His next album is his Last project in French... A Twitter follower, the Montpellier artist presented on the network yesterday Justifications for his fans.

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Winning the English-speaking public

Adeba stands alone for its mysterious side, where you can expect it. He has been teasing his album since 2013 UV, Translator Middle finger in the air Surprised he released his EP Infinica July 23. The Opus, which features 13 singles, delighted its community and acted as a prelude to its next album. It will be his Last post in French Because according to him: “The audience is too late and I have to progress on bad taste.

Adeba spoke on the Blue Bird Network and justified his comments. Without the wood language, the rapper delivered His desire to rap in English And a He advised his fans to enjoy his future French speaking. He no longer identifies himself with the French rap game and in connection with his musical inspiration, he has decided to open up a new audience and launch a new challenge.

Some were particularly dissatisfied, rather judgmental.

In the evening he teased a juice that played with the young actress, which promises to be heavy.

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