June 18, 2024


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Senator Michael Wallet condemns the appearance of English on the new identity card

“We are reducing alternative languages ​​to English, which refers to the upbringing of the elite. For them, cultural influence is no longer an object,” said Mickel Wallet. Material: Exteriors New ID card issued from mid-March, More precisely the titles were dubbed in the same language as Shakespeare: given names, nationality or even date of birth.

“Little by little, global steam is needed”

Identity card should not contain elements in foreign language. Little by little, Globish needs a steamroller, ”says Michael Wallet in his letter. Location Beowulf, the reading is very different and is based on “a European duty” that at least one union member must use the official language of the state.

“Taking into account all the references that bilingual may or may not refer to in addition to French would have made this topic illegal,” said Marilyn Schiap, the cabinet minister for citizenship and the file. . English is the “most widely used” language, so German is preferred. “At the same time that the British left the European Union … a single European country no longer had English as its only official language,” he said, warning in advance of “a monasticism.”

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