May 26, 2024


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No, having a bilingual French / English identity card is not unconstitutional

Minister of Citizenship, Marilyn Schiappe, Released on March 16th
New French National Identity Card (CNi), Which is being tested in the field
Ois. Until this summer, France must comply with European regulations regarding the protection of its identity documents.

The size of the bank card, this new CNI will include the fingerprint of its owner, a QR code and an electronic chip that will help to update the identity document. Another new feature is that every visible information on the card will be written in French and English. It is this bilingualism that makes people speak on the Internet and in the political arena.

“A document such as the National Identity Card should not contain elements in a foreign language,” said Sorrentes Maridims, angered by a press release issued by Senator Pic Mikal Wallet. His Twitter account. Nearby SouthwestHe added, “This device is not explicitly provided by order
13 March 2020 “Related to the new map, and such an important symbol” English cannot appear at the same level as French, which is the official language of the Republic under Article 2 of the Constitution “.

Fake off

This article in the Constitution, which deals with the sovereignty of the country, clearly states: “The language of the Republic is French. But can we consider the origin of references to a person’s identity in both French and English as a violation of the Constitution?

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“This is false chauvinism,” says Michael Lascombe. Now a retired expert in constitutional law, appearing in an identity document with the French language in English is not a violation of the Constitution. This seems very logical to him: “To travel in Europe, you only need your identity card, so it is clear that the use of English here is intended to facilitate testing in that area. ‘Schengen area”.

“A Travel Document within the EU”

To the constitutional expert, this bilingualism is even in line with EU rules. On June 20, 2019, Accordingly “The title of the document must also appear in at least one additional official language of the Union Institutions”. Michael Lascombe recalled it according to a conclusion
State BoardSocial agreements, as recognized by the European Union, are above the law or constitution of one of these countries.

This is a version confirmed by the press service of the Ministry of the Interior 20 minutes “Even if the UK leaves the Union, English will remain the official language of the European Union.

No one should worry about the disappearance of the French language in the passport, it should also be remembered that its references have long been found in French and English.