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Aisney.  Jack Grabal revolts against English in European institutions

Aisney. Jack Grabal revolts against English in European institutions

Last Tuesday, Jacques questioned Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne in the National Assembly on the use of the French language in Brussels’ Europe. (© DR)

French is our identity, But an issue of influence, in Europe And in the world! Promises with power Jack Gropal, Supplement to Aisne, Parliamentary Secretary General Francophony And the activist “very committed”, according to his own consent International city of the French language To do Wheeler-Courtes.

The use of the French language in Brussels was misused

So for all these reasons he, in the National Assembly on Tuesday, November 9, 2021, questioned the Secretary of State for Tourism, Jean-Baptiste Lemoine, the French people living abroad, and La Francophone. “My question has dealt with the essential issue of using French and cultural diversity in Brussels for fifteen years.”

In a lengthy development, Jack Graball states the reasons for his anger: “How can one accept that the post-Brexit European project can continue to be written in English? How can one accept the dominance of one language over the other 24 European languages? The serious use of English endangers our languages ​​and our cultural diversity. Most favorite, born of Chatto-theory.Let we not forget that language is the identity of France, but it is an issue of influence in Europe and the world! In my opinion, linguistic discrimination in the EU must last a long time! The expectations are enormous: the economy, society, health, global warming, migration … we must not forget the strategic problem of the use of French and cultural diversity. “

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Umberto environment for recovery

Announcing the presidency of Europe’s future French president as “an opportunity for Francophonie”, Foreign Secretary Jacques Grobal happily commented: “I think so too! I encouraged him to bring to life this quote from Ego: “The Language Translation of Europe”.

Nokia linguistic quota?

Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne apparently did not think otherwise because in his response he argued that it was necessary to establish “linguistic quotas” to improve modern languages ​​in Europe.

In conclusion, Jacques Krabal strongly advocates multilingualism: “During the populist uprising, it was necessary to emphasize linguistic diversity in order to bring citizens closer to European institutions, while current events show that they are further away from it.

Jean-Michel Rochett

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