July 14, 2024


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Learn English Quietly with N&N English Solutions

Learn English Quietly with N&N English Solutions

In business or through video conferencing, individually or in small groups, the N&N English Solutions team helps adult French-speaking learners learn English.

Classes that are accelerated by learners based primarily on oral training, in order to give students full confidence.

An innovative, interactive and effective English learning method based on oral learning

Qualiopi certified, the company specializes in N&N English Solutions English creation, Has set up a system that allows learners to follow a structured and progressive course, and interact as much as possible with their trainers to always be active in their learning. The ideas in the program are worked out in different contexts such as oral question-and-answer exchanges or played scenes, and they are constantly reviewed throughout the practice because repetition is an excellent learning tool. And use his knowledge spontaneously.

One of the most important aspects of learning a language is to feel confident and have a good time, which is central to our training. Most courses are personal, the coach is in a sense the learner’s personalized coach. The lessons are adjusted to his rhythm and the coach manages to regain his self-confidence and express himself more and more easily. Founders Nadia Rodriguez and Neil Hennessy, tell us.

Human-level team of interested trainers

To provide quality courses, Nadia Rodriguez and Neil Hennessy worked on the development of their project for 2 years. Corn N&N English Solutions, Which is, above all, the daily work of an emotional and competent team. Since English is the mother tongue and all practitioners are at least bilingual French proficient, better explanations can be provided quickly to learners.

All of our trainers have excellent skills for animation, but are able to show more empathy and patience. It is important to be there to help learners and encourage them to overcome their fears about the judgment of others, which can be a major obstacle in learning the English language.

To help further learners in the future, the company plans to continue its training classes with funding from CPFs and OPCOs, and to provide licenses to companies’ trainees or self-employed workers to use their learning methods.

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