June 18, 2024


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Toulouse. Alfred Wood, Englishman of Alsace Street

Its shop is near State Toulouse. Is it a coincidence that this is a UK rugby fan … Alfred Wood has been running a clothing store in Alsace Lorraine for 25 years. “I’ve settled in French soil for almost 30 years, he wants to say with his British accent, and I’m been married to an Arizovois for 50 years”. He first worked at Duty Free, which led him to travel extensively to Disneyland in Paris and Los Angeles, and then returned to France to open his own shop made in Great Britain. In fact, Alfred Wood, in its original form, did not mention 60s blouses, classic and vintage shirts and, of course, various derivative products such as various bow ties and ties, British mugs with metal boxes with the image of the flag or queen or the Beatles, “but not for sale”. He mentions. We even come among the comrades to discuss recent events affecting the royal family or the aftermath related to Govt, the effects of Brexit. “In this case, our products from the UK and Scotland are now taxed, but I did not send them for sale.” Having customers and Airbus of all ages is a significant asset. Alfred wants to point out that knockers are also stars of the visual or cinema and sports world, and concludes with a joke, “State Toulouse’s rugby players, of course, because I love rugby, but I still love cricket!”

Alfred Wood shop, 75, rue Alsace Lorraine