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Top 10 Young “FR” Shining in English and Irish Barriers

For decades, many of our young horses have been exported to Ireland and the UK. Countless champions born in France have shone throughout the channel. Here are 10 young nails that will make the French race shine in group races in Cheltenham or Bunchestown.

The results of last Argana autumn sales have once again confirmed a fundamental trend, which means that our young barrier-based products are very popular among English and Irish buyers. It must be said that in the past many champions born in the green meadows of France marked the history of racing on the other side of the canal. Cato Star, one of the brands, Beni des Dukes, Or more recently Send Allen, Clan of Opiox Or Political scientist They have left an indelible mark on the great book of English and Irish races.

The blockade has begun across the channel, and it is time for young French believers to show interest. Here we are not going to look at the cracks that are already familiar to racing fans, but rather the young nails that are “made in France”. The rule is simple, here we are interested in horses aged 3, 4 and 5, they have never competed in group racing, but have already shown very strong ability on the track, whether in France, England or Ireland. France Zire has discovered 10 great French beliefs for you!

Born in purple, John is the son of star Stallion Walk in the park And above all the brother of the star Duan, In his life 8 Gr. 1 winner Willie Mullins. Remember, Tunisian Lofty Kohli Before Dowan’s mother became champion, Argana bought the sale for only 2000 2000. He is also the breeder of John. Exported to Ireland, starting at Jonpan Point-to-Point Elmarie Holden, Leaving a crazy look, gets 15 lengths. Presented at the Yorton point-to-point sale at the end of 2020, the Jonban has become the most expensive horse in point-to-point history. Famous JP McManus Spending less than 70 570,000, he took out a check book to take advantage of this great opportunity. In training today Nicki Henderson, The 5-year-old horse started the bumper as world champion at Newbury. We can not wait to see him start over obstacles.

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Raised by Franுவாois-Marie Gottin, Mighty Potter (Martellin) was bought by a couple of young investors Andrew and Gemma Brown. The latter, managers of a construction company in Ireland, bought two sons Dr. Dino During the autumn sale, ,000 100,000 and ,000 130,000. Mighty Potter started the early 2021s with an easy victory over a bumper, allowing his superiority of the day to be no less than 29 lengths before making a real demonstration of his debut in the Hurdles. Mighty Potter will be part of the alliance Gordon Elliott In the new ban on November 29 (Group 1).

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Jerry Columba (Sattler Maker) now wears the same jacket as the champion, following a successful point-to-point introduction, which was bought for £ 240,000 at the Tattershall sale in Cheltenham in March 2020. Sphere Olinger, I.e. rapcore jacket. Trained by Gordon Elliott, Gerri Colombe continues on two big hits at 24 on the bumpers. Growing up as a partner by family Boistier (Pigeon breeding), From the Gerri Colombe line Montega, A three-time listed winner on the Obstecal. She also belongs to the family Madison to Perlois, Gr. 2 winner and Gr. 1st place or Bournosienne’s latest winner Hawaii to Perlois.

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  • Hardur d’Otairis – Four years
After making a successful start to the flat Danila Mele In November 2020, the Hortur d’Otairis (Cupcarde), as its name implies, breeds from Count Michael de Gigo (Reproduction of Oudairies) Sold to JP McManus and now running Don Skelton In the UK. Author of a successful start to the Hurdles in Warwick in mid-November, Hardur d’Odெய்ris is one of the biggest prospects for the upcoming season of the hurdles. His coach pointed out that before tackling group racing in 2022, Gold should run in easy racing again in 2021. Sir des Champs, Cheltenham Gold Cup winner (Gr.1).

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Born in Saône-et-Loire Sebastien Berger, Jinto (Walk in the Park) is part of Jerry Colombe and Irish’s best “new” Mighty Potter. Gordon Elliott. After already walking around a point-to-point Gordon Elliott, Ginto sold for € 470,000 to Pactive Stud, a loyal client of the Irish coach. For making his debut in his new jacket, he was hit in the bumper by a student from Jindo Willie Mullins Who took 3e A Gr Place 2. For his introduction to the obstacles, Jinto made a good appearance under the saddle Jack Kennedy. At the end of the horse month Gr. Enters at 3 and enters the new barrier (Gr.1).

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Born in northeastern France Haras de Talma du Dr Michael Kyot, A son of Brave Kingdom Home Stallion Brave Mansonian, In the UK Gr. 1 Sir of the Conqueror Brave game. Master trained Paul Nichols, Brave Kingdom was announced by its coach as a great future. Winner of a bumper in early 2021, then handed the horse Paul Nichols By its owners Graeme Moore And spouses Stream. Brave Kingdom, which debuted as its stumbling block in early November, made a huge impact by winning by a 7-lend difference in Sepstow.

Author of a successful introduction to Dieppe Guillaume Macaire, Iceo (coastal route) was later exported to the UK, where it was packaged. Paul Nichols. Raised in central France by Patrick Jobert And this Horace de Saint-Wire, Iceo is the nephew of a particular person AQPS Fol Jabed, Winner of the Prix Maurice Gilloys (Gr.1), and Emanic a Prix de Compiègne (Gr.3). Much respected by his new mentor, Icio will soon make a name for himself in the obstacle races reserved for young organs this winter.

Icio and Alain de Citre

Another 3 year old donkey also joined Paul Nichols, Matterhorn (Martellin) began her career in April with 3rd place in the Brix Wild Monarch (listed). The last hurdle went strong and slow after a big mistake, and then the cub pulled away. Gabriel Lenders Definitely would have wrestled with the right one until the post Paradiso. Son-in-law of the Matterhorn Champion born into the Devin family in Haras du Mesnil. Turquoise, The winner of the Brix La He Jouslin (Gr.1) and the Brix Ferdinand Dufare (Gr.1). Much respected by his new coach, Matterhorn should talk about British hurdles very soon.

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Matterhorn’s mother sugar © APRH

Another horse born in Savigné l’Évêque with family Devin, Condo Kid (Cupcarde) is a late horse who opened his ranking in the bumper in April. His debut winner at the Hurdles in Ascot, Kandu Kid is one of the most respected horses by his coach. Paul Nichols, Big fan of French horses. In addition to the young opportunities mentioned above, he also coaches champions like Nichols Family name, Political scientist Where Genus of opioids All were born and raised in France. Gr. 1 The double winner of the political scientist is the uncle of the latter. A distant relative of Kandu Kid Crock Balloon Dr.

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Let’s end this top with Hope House, which certainly belongs to JP McManus, the owner of the world’s largest show horses. Son Walk in the park Raised by Oliver Paul Who puts his men Celine Qualde ToThe cap urn is fixed. Son Aunt Sissy (Double-listed winner in the UK) is the nephew of one of the “FR” stars எபடன்டே, Already Triple Gr for green, orange and white hat. 1 winner. The hop house, which debuted with a bumper victory at the Southwell Racecourse, is one of the most respected horses in the stables. Nicki Henderson.

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