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Forges-less-EX: 19 in English, 20 in Grand Oral, Paul’s best results in the box |  Scout

Forges-less-EX: 19 in English, 20 in Grand Oral, Paul’s best results in the box | Scout

Like her two older sisters before, Pauline Bordes, a Forges-less-Ex student, scored well in the 2021 bachelorette.

Marty July 6, 2021, The Students From the terminal High School From Delamare Deboutteville Forges-less-ex Came together for results Bakelarate. Among students, Pauline Bordes Graduated with Honors Especially with a 20/20 Grant orally.

Terminal year-round, European section, student scoresHussus Were excellent and oscillating between 16 and 20.

For example his bachelorette transcript footage 19 In English.

“I want to be a biological engineer”

Not to speak of pride, almost willingly, student 17 years Talked about the reasons for its success:

Due to the uncertainty of the health crisis, I dropped out of 1st grade. My comrades and I have no intention of making our youth live normally. I told myself I was in the same mess! My project, now completed, I gave myself fully to integrate a preparatory course at the University of Compagnie. I want to be an engineer in biology with an environmental specialization.

Pauline BordesBachelor’s degree

This perfectionist, in a good sense, did not forget to say thank you His parents, his teachers and his big sisters He was the one who “helped me get on the right track”.

Pauline Bordes can now find his horses and fully indulge in the pleasures of running and exercise.

To begin with this brilliant student concludes: “Finally Holidays, We can catch up! “.

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