June 18, 2024


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Call for conversion from French to English

Change English to French in Morocco. This is a request made by many Moroccans to the country’s authorities under the hashtag #YesToEnglishInsteadOfFrenchInMorocco. According to them, French is obsolete, limited in its influence and is a “colonial” language. “Even the French feel the importance of English, so why not move forward?” Moroccan Twitter user Tariqilla asks.

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Khalifa calls another net surfer “the youth who learn English on par with other languages, without compromising on the national Arabic and Amasik languages.” He also encourages Twitter users to continue using the hashtag “this request can be reviewed”. “English is the path to success in all fields because it is the language of science and is spoken by most people around the world,” the AJI Education Project said in a statement on its Facebook page.

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The ‘Kingdom of Morocco’ Facebook account describes itself as a media company that “mastering the English language opens indescribable doors and opportunities for Moroccan students”, although the French, no matter how important, also allow Morocco to communicate with people in the West African countries of Senegal and Mali.

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