July 14, 2024


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Otter.ai in automated file to translate zoom meetings in English

Otter.ai in automated file to translate zoom meetings in English

Zoom video conference in English late? Don’t panic, the speech service can automatically activate the Otter.ai text and copy the changes. All you have to do is connect the Otter Assistant to the zoom link in the calendar.

The most familiar tool in the zoom universe, the English language transcription service is close to Otter.ai video conferencing software, which has grown significantly since the onset of the epidemic. At the end of November, it made it possible to insert a Live title During zoom meetings. With the Otter Assistant, this method adds the opportunity to be automatically triggered to record or copy transfers at the beginning of the video conference and, if necessary, share notes with other participants. It only requires a zoom call connection, and works when the user is not meeting. This payment feature can be accessed from the Otter Business version.

After logging in to your Otter.ai account, you can set up a service synchronization assistant with events of calendars used in Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar. From there, the assistant will join all the zoom meetings and share notes. But it is obviously possible to structure its behavior For each scheduled meeting. By default, it shoots every time. This will allow you to not miss anything said if you are unable to attend or attend an event on time.

The business version of Otter is offered for $ 20 per month. For now, the service is not supported Than English Ability to recognize a variety of accents, including European accents. It can be tested for free, has a personal version ($ 8.33 per month for annual subscription excl.tax) and works with Google Meat. Its competitors include services such as Hopiscript, Voiceover Maker or Descript.

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