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EuroMillions: An English couple ‘lose’ jackpot after forgetting to check their ticket

EuroMillions: An English couple ‘lose’ jackpot after forgetting to check their ticket

The British media recently reported that it was a huge disappointment. In February 2021, a British couple lost a €205 million prize after forgetting to check their EuroMillions ticket.

A nice check for a smoking 205 million euros. In February 2021, Liam McGrogan and Rachel Kennedy matched five correct numbers in the EuroMillions draw but didn’t pocket a penny.

This is the crazy news that appeared in the British press recently. The young couple, who live in Hertfordshire, United Kingdom, subscribed to an automatic subscription to the European Lottery. Each week, a game ticket was created in their name with the same numbers: 6 – 12 – 22 – 29 and 33.

Big disappointment

Jackpot! This evening in February 2021, a message informs the couple that they have selected the correct boxes. The problem: The couple didn’t have enough cash so their bank account wasn’t debited with the £2.50 that would have allowed them to check their weekly ticket. So their ticket is invalid.

Disappointment was inevitably overwhelming. “I was already imagining our dream house and my dream car, I think I’m getting a little carried away to be honest,” Liam told The Sun.

Despite this accident, the couple continued to play, but still decided to change their numbers. said a spokesman for Camelot, the operator that runs EuroMillions in the UK Glass He hoped the couple would “buy a ticket to the next big draw” while wishing them “good luck”.

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