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“I will continue to play English in France”

“I will continue to play English in France”

Comedian Paul Taylor on January 25, 2023 at “Le 10h – midi” on “Sud Radio Média” as guest of Valérie Expert and Gilles Ganzmann.

British comedian, Paul Taylor has been living in Paris since 2009. Passionate about stand-up, she made her stage debut in 2016 with her first bilingual show “#FRENGLISH“, a program in which he shares with us his experiences as a migrant in France, often associated with linguistic misunderstandings. His program “Kisses goodbyeFrom January 19 to April 1, 2023 at La Nouvelle Eve in Paris.

Paul Taylor: “The next show will either be entirely in French or entirely in English”

How did Paul Taylor get his start? “I type into Google how to become a professional comedian. I do about ten open shows in the UK and then I come to France for my job at Apple. Apple was opening stores in France. As I learned French, I thought it would be good to advance in the company.

What are these plans? “I’ll play this show, then we’ll see. If I play in France, I will continue to play English in France because it is a part of me, it is my life. The next show will be entirely in French or entirely in English, I haven’t decided yet“, replied Paul Taylor.

“It will be a show for French expats”

Are there behaviors or ways of doing things in France that would surprise Paul Taylor? “To my surprise, no. Sometimes it annoys me. Years later, I say to myself: yes, yes, this is France.“What judgment does he make of Emmanuel Macron?”I don’t follow French politics much, except that it is imposed by things on social networks. He is not well now. But I believe that is not good for any president. When I came to France it was Sarkozy, things didn’t go well, then it was Hollande, things didn’t go well, Macron, things didn’t go well, the next one or the next… It’s the same in England: we’ve never been happy with the current Prime Minister. We say to ourselves: ‘Ah, next, he has an incredible plan’. But if that were the case, we wouldn’t have 150,000 radio and television programs discussing what’s happening right now.

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Paul Taylor is going on an overseas tour soon. “The show I play on the foreign tour will be for French expats. It’s the same show I play here: it’s 70% in French and 30% in English. I played in London and 80% of the audience was French expats. So, I told myself there are French expats in Dublin too…“, commented Paul Taylor.

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