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Wendy: The young Englishman builds his babysitting company in English

At the age of 25, Chelsea Bennett started his own self-employed English babysitting and personal service business. © Lucille Agrich

At his home Beaulieu-sous-la-Roche, Chelsea Bennett He opens the door with a wide smile.

Long red hair, impeccable French accent and still little baby air, young female resources.

She still could not believe this Wendy Avenir trophy, which was received a few days ago during the official ceremony between the rhinestones and champagne in Pui du Fo.

“I was so surprised, I was not expecting it!”

His brave and entrepreneurial attitude was rewarded in the personal services category.


I have to say that the youth English When he left his island at the age of 18, dreaming of French nationality, his eyes were not cold when he came to learn the Moliere language, as a couple, in the Jonah family, without even knowing a word of French!

“They do not speak English and I do not speak French. The baby I had was 3 years old: Initially, I agree that it was not easy. But I learned very quickly with the help of work, family, applications and dictionaries, ”recalled the young woman, the mother of a 14-month-old girl.

Chelsea do not plan to stay long France, But “I was mesmerized by the language, the country, the culture, the way of life. “

So she decides to stay one more year and finds herself in another family, Beaulieu-sous-la-Roche, as a couple.

“I love children, and I love teaching and passing on my language,” explains Chelsea, who became her husband and settled in the small town of Beauvoir.

“I decided to stay in France. My husband, my friends, my job: my life is here now.”

Three diplomas in a row

In 2018, he a CAP Early Childhood, In 2019, she goes BEP Personal Service And then a bac Pro In 2020, finally, in 2021, she gets hers B.D.S. Area.

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Everyone is a free candidate.

“At the same time, I got a job in childcare at a personal service company called 02. I resigned myself to the opportunity to own and learn English for fun in my services. I want to be autonomous and manage my work myself ”

Chelsea Bennett is the founder of The Ladybird Effect

40 hours per week

He created the auto company: The Ladybird Effect, which he particularly likes refers to the Ladybugs and The Butterfly Effect movie. The rest is done by word of mouth.

“The need to learn English is very high. Many parents are fascinated by the concept that Wendy is not really there. I have no problem creating a full time job.

From the age of 3, he offers games, songs and fun activities to help young girls become accustomed to English.

From School trips, From Occasional baby shower, From Training For middle and high school students, English lesson For adults or retirees who want to travel: Chelsea work 40 hours a week and have to turn down clients for lack of time.

It does not one day exclude “own” recruitment in other languages ​​to build its own company.

The Ladybird Effect, 07 83 68 59 47, leffetladybird.fr

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