June 17, 2024


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Bigpot flowers, giant Sardois flowers were sold to the British

Founded in 1958, Picot Flores turns an important page in its history. Based on Allones for three generations, the family business goes into the fold of the English Flamingo. Sarthoise Horticultural Company, which specializes in cut flowers (roses, tulips, peonies and lilies of the valley) is the British leader and is number 2 in the European market. The repurchase was completed on Wednesday, December 15, 2021. The amount of the transaction has not been released.

France Blue Maine: Why this move?

Nicolas Bigot, manager of Bigot fleurs: The merger with Flamingo Group began six months ago. Flamingo has been our customer for over 20 years. So we know each other well. It is a company with our DNA, and the purpose of this link is to further enhance the organization in the years to come by benefiting from all of Flamingo’s knowledge and especially of all Flamingo products. They are also florists like us, they produce more different types of flowers than us. So, we can offer a much wider range to our customers than we are doing today.

Is it a transfer or a link?

This is a task. My father and I are the head of the company so we talk about goodwill. Allonnes teams here have not changed. But on the other hand, it’s a sale, and it’s really flamingo to buy the company.

And do you have a guarantee that the Bigbot Floors will be established in Sardis?

So yes, for us it was a necessary condition for a reconciliation to take place. So the company not only relied on its historic site Allonnes, but also the idea of ​​growing it, creating new greenhouses and developing it further in the future. So the goal is to improve employment and operations in Sartre.

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Did Kovit play in your end? We remember your calls for help during the nearly 4 million euro losses in both prisons.

Although the two prisons in March and November 2020 were more complex, it was not because our sales outlets were closed. But since then, the activity has grown a lot, a lot. This year 2021, we have achieved a record year at Bigot Fleurs (30 million euros, 40%, author’s note). So it didn’t play directly. After that, when you are, you are sure to find that in all the activities, in a world that changes a lot, with a lot of consumer goods and inputs there will be a huge increase. There are also very strong logistics challenges. So we told ourselves that this was the right time to take advantage of their strike force and lean on a group larger than us.

However, will there be changes for your 180 employees?

Anything. This is what I often say, the only difference is that before we were partner bankers, now we have a partner above us. But for our employees, it does not change anything, employment contracts do not change. The goal is to improve performance, so our teams will be in place. We are the head of the company and we have the whole way to continue to grow our business.