April 20, 2024


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An Englishman filmed a glowing triangle in front of his door

In Hertfordshire, Great Britain, a private security camera captured a very unusual flying object.

Until he crosses the canal to continue his hoax, Remy Gaylord Captured by a surveillance camera in the front door of a pavilion in Hertfordshire does not seem to be the source of this intriguing triangular object. Owner Matt Doughty, 43, was watching a game on TV with a friend when his camera control app informed him that someone was in the doorway. Seeing that no one was at the entrance, Matt and his friend Kevin watched the video recording. Their surprise was total, as Matt Dowdy said Glass : “It was quiet and very strange. The three lights were moving slowly in the sky. I admit I was a little scared.My friend Kevin saw it and said, ‘But it looks like a UFO!’ Shouted.

It is true that the triangular shape has become such a symbolic feature in recent decades ufo More than the “flying saucer”, especially from the Belgian wave popular in the 50s, 1989 and 1990s. At that time, the appearance of flying triangles and numerous observations of devices capable of stunning were associated with F-117 theft. Without anything coming to support this hypothesis the bomber… often, without any information other than what the newspaper and witness provided, it is very difficult to draw definitive conclusions from these images. It could be a drone equipped with three lights or why not, it could be a kite. Or something completely different. The mystery remains, but that is what makes it all charming.

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