June 25, 2024


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Content in languages ​​other than English for Netflix subscribers

Content in languages ​​other than English for Netflix subscribers

Between July and December 2023, Netflix subscribers have watched over 90 billion hours of programming on the platform. This is according to a recent statement from Netflix “What we saw in the second half of 2023“. In total, viewers will spend 183 billion hours on Netflix in 2023.

Among the biggest hits of the year, The American company emphasized the importance of non-English content. Series and films shot in a language other than Shakespeare’s language won over the public, gaining almost a third of the views.

These programs are in pole position among the most popular programs on the platform. “Nowhere” established itself as the third most popular non-English language film on the platform with 86 million views. Albert Pinto’s Iberian Thriller proves it too The popularity of Spanish-language content on the platform. According to the report, the latter represents 7% of views, more than content in Korean (9%), but more than products in Japanese (5%).

Since then France has not been spared The first three parts of Omar Sy’s “Lupine” series generated nearly 100 million views Between July and December 2023.

In other parts of the world, a few shows from Germany stand out, such as “Dear Little One” (53 million views), “The Remedy for Oblivion” (43 million, Poland) and “Contract of Silence” (21 million, Mexico). , “Mask Girl” (19 million, Korea), “Yu Yu Hakusho” (17 million, Japan), “Berlin” (11 million, Spain), and “The Railway Men: The Heroes of Bhopal” (11 million, India ) )