June 18, 2024


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What if you speak English?

What if you speak English?

Last week the Blacknock Speaks English Association presented its annual meeting to the public at the Rex Cinema, an English evening centered around the film Back to Black. At the end of the screening, the audience and members of the association gathered in the theater around a pot of friendship, exchanging ideas, some in Moliere, some in Shakespeare.

The Blacknock Society experienced an important year with the resignation of Mary Laure Roger Mylan, President of 9 years.

“At my age, I am happy that I have created a reading club and set up support courses for middle and high school students to support them in their undergraduate exams,” she declared.

The new president, Monique Fornell, is unknown, having already held the position of vice president. The rest of the office remains unchanged.

The association offers weekly language talks and a monthly book club led by two qualified teachers, Julian Everett and David Hummel. In the book club, we choose a book in English, read it, and meet a month later for a 1h30 session where we discuss the book in English under Julian’s guidance. Linguistic interviews are multi-level English courses with 30 sessions per week of 1h30 throughout the school year.

Monique Fornell explains: “The first level, the false beginner, those who have studied English in school, middle school, high school, those who have not practiced for a long time and want to start again, are aimed at reviewing the basics. At the last level, with those who do well, there are more discussions, we listen to the broadcast.

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He was promoted to the position of teacher. There are only a few classes left in June, but you can attend them and see if they meet future enrollment expectations. Our price is €320 (including €20 for members) or €10 for a 1.5 hour session, a very competitive price.”

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