May 26, 2024


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All Super Nintendo English language manuals are now preserved online

After eight years of trying, archivist Peebs has finally had the satisfaction of being able to scan all the English-language manuals for SNES games released to date. Hard work, greatly aided by a responsive community of a hundred people from around the world who were mesmerized by his project published in 2020, he had already brought together more than 600 game manuals, with each contributor sharing a copy of their manuals. .

Why such work?

On the one hand, the peeps have a huge appreciation for video games and have been animating for years A Twitch channel In which he tries to test and complete all the games on this console. Clearly not an easy task, because between the thoroughness required to test all the titles and the difficulty of some games, there is already a huge challenge. Sometimes to understand how to get out of it, you sometimes need to look at a game help, which is usually found in game instructions at this time, a paper document that you read in full has unfortunately become very rare today. By purchasing game cartridges, Peeps did not always have the relevant manuals, and found that the Internet was very poor in terms of interesting databases on the subject. Thus he started his work patiently collecting the notices one by one and digitizing them with good quality so that they are always at hand.

A long-term work that he shares online for free to all retro enthusiasts. It must now continue its efforts to restore all Japanese announcements (some games haven’t crossed the oceans) so it’s as complete as possible.

To consult all of these in the archive, go to Beeps website. Will he move to another console later? It may blow a moment ago.

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