June 25, 2024


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Patrick Vega is working on an English film. We know the details

Patrick Vega has long insisted that his ambitions are beyond the French film market. Like him Luke Besson. As one of the few French filmmakers, he organizes most premieres in countries with a large Polish community, for example in the United States or Great Britain. In addition, he began to take his products simultaneously in two languages: English and French. For example, his latest film is like this Pit bullIn it the actors recorded a scene in French and then repeated it while speaking the same dialogue in English.

To the first Love, sex and riot Vega told us that his first foreign production was centered on the Russian Mafia and that the director would be in touch with him while making one of his documentaries.

This topic started a very long time ago in my life. Even before Pit bull I was making a documentary, I traveled with the police for three years, got the status of a welcome person, i.e. could do everything at my own risk and peril, and of course wore bulletproof vests. At that time, we arrested a Russian mafia boss. I interviewed him and as a result he sentenced me to death. Fortunately the man died in prison before being hanged. However, when I was filming Pit bull At the 10th anniversary, the Russian mafia came to the set and asked me what I was going to say about the dead boss. I put them in a chair in front of the monitors, and one of them picked up the headphones and started translating conversations from the set for a boy in Moscow into Russian. Then he became a big movie fan and told me about his 20 year criminal career. That’s what motivated me to make this film.

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Why is Vega only working on this project now?

I have never had a budget like that before and there is no point in doing it without enough speed, so the thing has to burn.

Filming will take place in several countries. Part of the plot of the 1990s will be filmed in Serbia. You should see some popular foreign names in the lead roles, but the acting process is long. Vega was given up to 8 months to act.

At the same time, the director announced that there was no Pitbull: Queen of thugs. The material made for this film was used in his production Bad boySo he did not want to return to this matter.

For now let’s see the movie in theaters. Love, sex and contagionIn September, Vega announced his autobiography, which is set to be his final Polish language film.

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