April 20, 2024


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English lessons for children

He created himself by reading stories. The idea is to learn without knowing.

Here, there is an excuse to learn every action. The entire one-hour course is conducted in English. Sitting on a car mat, Alison arranges the meter bricks one by one, as soon as a child finds out what color it is. The hopscotch carpet, next to it, is an opportunity to edit the numbers. And cat, dog and elephant soft toys, to learn the names of animals. All in perfect English. They are fun, encouraged by their teacher, not stingy “Brilliant! ⁇ And others “Good! ⁇ He has reason to be proud of his little students. “Damn, you forgot the pillow! ⁇ That’s all Eugene has to do to carefully grasp the abandoned cushion.

A show and painting in English

Lesson after lesson, children always learn more vocabulary. Last Wednesday, four new words were on the program: soap, hand, towel and bath. All along with a little nursery rhyme.

Songs and games, the recipe works at MJC Rives de Charente. Katie Chabrier settles in there with her guitar on Wednesday afternoons. Around her, a few children aged two and a half to 5 years. To impress them, Katie Chabrier has her own way. “I’m taking them out quickly, I’m integrating nature and animals … and every semester, we create a show and a sketch.” A definite feature that strengthens children’s understanding. “I learned a lot from my bilingual son. He created himself by reading stories. The idea is to learn without knowing. ⁇

Katie Chabrier teaches shapes to young children using her guitar and a small song.

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Successful betting: About 45 minutes of session passes a flash. Using small dances, the children sang shapes, colors, and sang in English … Unlike Katie Chaprier Firststep, she also confirms that she speaks French. “When a rabbit sleeps, when a rabbit sleeps … you sleep too. If I say ‘get up’, you’re up. ⁇ A further six children carefully ask when they should wake up from an advanced sleep. The same joy outside, while Wolf is a simple game that allows you to learn on time. And when time separates, the “Coming” And “Have a nice day” Spontaneously echoing. Without the slightest French accent.

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Firstep: Registration for the year, lessons starting at two and a half years old, 06 70 44 41 01, firstepenanglais.com. Records for the year MJC (200), Possibilities to register for the year (with the right price): 06 84 42 88 30 or Facebook page Natural English France.

“This is for their future”

Shortly afterwards the mothers stand guard. All smiles. “I was looking for some time and found nothing in Angolam, Alexa’s mother, Elody, testifies to First Step. I picked up the phone as soon as I saw the information. It is important to immerse children as much as possible so they develop good habits. Home TV will be in English. ⁇ Love of languages ​​shared by the whole family. “My 11-year-old daughter is learning Japanese and my 9-year-old son is trying his best. ⁇ All illustrate the importance of learning English early on and out of school. “It’s so much fun, they sing, they dance … it’s for their future. Then they see new faces.”, Raphael’s mother praises Mathilde. Moms are proper: to get used to, it is better to start as soon as possible. At MJC, Melanie watches her daughter Anne, 4 and a half, humming in English. “She started at two-thirty, and I’m already thinking about adding her little brother to see how happy she is.” She knew Katie Chabrier well, who was already teaching at Villapoise-Lovelet. Successful experience for three-and-a-half-year-old Theodore’s mother Roxanne. “At home, we speak Romanian, Turkish and French. Introducing him to English already gives him an ear. ⁇