June 17, 2024


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AMD's Leaked Noise Canceling Feature May Be Its Response To RTX Voice

AMD’s Leaked Noise Canceling Feature May Be Its Response To RTX Voice

It looks like AMD is about to launch a competitor RTX Audio, a feature of Nvidia graphics cards that eliminates background noise when you’re on a call or using your microphone. This is according to trailer that AMD posted on its YouTube channel (apparently by mistake), Tom’s devices Reports. Fortunately, a copy of the trailer was downloaded before it was deleted by Reddit user u/zenobian and upload it to the AMD subreddit.

A leaked trailer indicates that AMD’s noise-canceling feature will work very similar to Nvidia’s RTX Voice (which later became Rolled in Nvidia broadcasting app). It uses a “real-time deep learning algorithm” to deliver “two-way noise reduction” that filters background noise from both incoming and outgoing microphone audio, and appears to be built into AMD’s current Adrenalin software.

The big question is how well AMD’s noise-canceling technology works in practice. Nvidia’s RTX Voice works very well, sometimes it seems like magic, and when I’ve used it in the past, it has thankfully canceled out the more obscure sound of mechanical keyboards. Arguably, AMD needs to match features like this if it is to have any hope of overcoming its vulnerable position in the GPU market.

There is no mention of when the feature might receive an official announcement, or the hardware required to take advantage of it. When Nvidia first released its RTX Voice software, it seemed like the AI-focused Tensor cores found in newer graphics cards were key to making it work. However, in subsequent months, Nvidia launched official support for this feature on older cards that lack dedicated hardware. Hopefully AMD’s feature will work across a similar wide range of devices.

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AMD representatives did not respond to the edgeComment request.